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Shanshan Bilingual Childcare Home Toddler Daycare for Growing Minds

Parents often look for a safe and supervised facility where their tiny tots can learn about the world around them, right? We at Shanshan Bilingual Childcare offer a structured environment where children can learn, play, and socialize under the guidance of trained professionals. In our home toddler care facilities in Richmond, our trained professionals not only meet the daycare needs of your toddler but also indulge in practices that ensure their holistic development. Apply for Your Kids Now!

Shanshan Bilingual Childcare

Shanshan Bilingual Childcare is the best bilingual home daycare in Richmond, CA, where learning, playing, and nurturing go hand in hand. Our founder, Shanshan Xi, who also works as head teacher in home toddler care facilities in Richmond, has more than 11 years of exemplary experience teaching toddlers. She has an eye for recognizing potential, and so she has set up an intriguing platform where toddlers can unlock their potential and outshine the rest.


Together, we at bilingual home daycare have built a strong foundation where, through arts, music, dance, bilingual language (Mandarin & English), and more, every child's growth and confidence are fostered. Join us today!

What Makes bilingual home toddler care facilities Stand Out?

Our bilingual toddler home daycare at East Bay stands out for its best approach and structured curriculum, which is planned according to little learners' learning capabilities. Our staff is highly focused on language development, personalized care, cultural exposure, a home-like environment for your tiny tots, and a flexible approach. We promote bilingualism in our facility, making us an excellent choice for families seeking a diverse and enriching early childhood education.


Language Development: One of the best bilingual home toddler care facilities provides a unique opportunity for children to learn and practice two languages at a time. Our educators believe that learning two languages from a young age is easy.


Homelike Environment: Unlike larger childcare centers, bilingual home daycare often offers a cozy and safe environment to every child, creating a home-away-from-home setting that immediately puts the child at ease and comfort.


Nurturing Creative Minds: ​Recognizing potential is an important task that we never overlook. Every child is unique and brings with them their own special skills and creative spark. In our home daycare, with creativity and kindness, we ignite the flame of creativity within little learners, giving them a platform where they can hone their creativity with great enthusiasm. Whether artists or musicians at our home daycare, with music and arts development activities, we support the child in line with their interests.





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