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We Welcome You And Your Little One To Our Child Care!

At Shanshan Bilingual Childcare, we understand that your child's early age is important for their development. We are dedicated to providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for your little ones. Our family toddler childcare facilities at Richmond are designed to encourage curiosity, artistic expression, and socialization, ensuring that your child succeeds in their early learning journey.


We at Shanshan Bilingual Childcare prioritize unlocking every child's full potential by fostering language skills, physical and mental health development, social awareness, self-confidence, and independence. Our family toddler childcare facilities combine intentional learning materials, one-on-one interaction, and a well-crafted curriculum that includes bilingual language, music, art, math, and outdoor activities.


Why Choose Our Family Childcare Development Facilities?

1) Safe and secure environment

Our family bilingual toddler care facilities prioritize the child's safety and follow California's Health and Safety Code as well as other laws/regulations for childcare to be safe, clean, sanitary, and in good repair all times to ensure the safety and well-being of the children, employees, and visitors.

2) Accommodate the needs of the child

Our family childcare development facilities at El Sobrante ensure that they accommodate the needs of your child in learning and playing. Further, through our programs, we aim for every child to obtain the deeply ingrained social, emotional, academic, music, and art skills they require to thrive as adults.

3) Programs and Curriculum

Shanshan Bilingual Childcare is family toddler care at El Sobrante that has the environment and materials that are thoughtfully prepared and encourage a love for learning while focusing on key developmental milestones.

4) Positive reviews

Parents' testimonials speak volumes about the quality care provided at Shanshan Bilingual Childcare. Many families have expressed gratitude for the support in their child's development through a nurturing environment.

Your child is in good hands!

Shanshan Xi is the founder and head teacher at Shanshan Bilingual Childcare. With over 11 years of experience of working with toddlers, she has the unique ability to offer high-quality care for young children. With the idea that "for children, play is serious learning," she aims to offer top-notch childcare service by building an environment where good character, social awareness, self-confidence, and independence can be encouraged in a child.

Shanshan Bilingual Childcare is now enrolling toddlers!

If you are looking for the best family bilingual toddler care facilities in Richmond, Shanshan Bilingual Childcare can be your best bet. From setting the foundation for positive early learning to helping a child develop key skills, the facility ensures that your child's growth during the formative years is supported.

For more information regarding admission and daycare programs, reach out to our team!

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