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Welcome to Shanshan Bilingual Daycare Childcare Facilities

About Us

At Shanshan Bilingual Childcare, we specialize in offering top-notch bilingual daycare facilitiesin Richmond and El Sobrante areas, catering to both young children and toddlers. We aim to tap into the complete capabilities of each child. Our bilingual toddler care facilities in Richmond aim to foster physical and mental development, language abilities, social consciousness, independence, and self-confidence.

Our Philosophy "Play is the work of the child."

Our aim is to form a friendly and inviting area where kids can explore and discover the world around them. By combining arts, music, movement, language, mathematics, and outdoor play into our everyday schedule, our bilingual toddler care accommodates the requirements of your little one in participating and gaining knowledge while constructing fundamental social, emotional, scholarly, musical, and creative talents.

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Benefits of Bilingual Daycare Facilities

1. Enhanced Cognitive Development: Studies show that being exposed to multiple languages from a young age can help strengthen cognitive abilities. It appears learning more than one language may boost problem-solving, creativity, and thinking critically.

2. Improved Language Skills: Kids in toddler care that teach two languages concurrently become fluent in both, supplying them with a beneficial toolbox for upcoming scholarly and career goals.

3. Cultural Awareness: Cultural understanding is expanded by learning another language. Communicating in more than one tongue encourages valuing diverse views and bringing more voices together.

4. Increased adaptability: Children who speak two languages tend to be more adaptable and flexible in different social and academic situations because they experience multiple languages and cultures. This exposure they get at bilingual toddler childcare services helps them adjust to various contexts.

5. Long-Term Academic Success: Studies show that kids who learn two languages generally do better in schoolwork than kids who only know one language, especially when it comes to reading, writing, and solving problems.


Why Choose Us?


All-Round Learning Program

In our dual-language childcare program, we use a blend of purposeful learning resources, personal interaction, and a well-planned syllabus. We combine Mandarin and English, math, music, art, and outdoor play to provide a holistic approach to early childhood education.

Child-Centered Approach

We believe that play is essential for a child's development. The environment and resources at our bilingual daycare in the East Bay of San Francisco are carefully chosen to make learning fun and engaging. Our daily class routines are designed thoughtfully. They allow a balance of structured activities and free play, catering to the specific needs of each kid.

Health & Safety

The protection and well-being of our kids are vital. We stick to California's Health and Safety Code and other regulations to maintain a clean, safe, and sanitary environment at all times. Our facility is fitted with advanced security measures, including cameras that alert for intruders and a warning system for home invasion.

Our Programs

Fun & Creativity


  • Art: Children explore their creativity through various art activities, such as drawing, painting, and crafts, while incorporating language learning.

  • Music: Our music program introduces children to songs and rhymes in both Mandarin and English, fostering a love for music and language.

  • Movement: Daily dance sessions and outdoor play promote the development of fine and gross motor skills, keeping children active and healthy.


Language & Mathematics


  • Language: Through storytelling, reading, and singing activities, children develop language proficiency in both English and Mandarin, supported by abundant resources in both languages.

  • Mathematics: Activities focused on numbers and shapes help children build foundational math skills in a fun and interactive way.


Outdoor Play


  • Our large and scenic play area offers many chances for kids to explore the outdoors and exercise. This helps children connect with nature and develop extensive movement abilities.


Contact Us

Ready to enroll your child in our bilingual toddler care at El Sobrante? Contact us today to schedule a tour and discover the benefits of bilingual education with Shanshan Bilingual Childcare.

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