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Toddler Care is our Specialty and Focus

For Toddlers and up
(young children who are just beginning to walk)


Dancing Kids

Why Shanshan Bilingual Childcare

Unlock the full potential of every child, and give your child the keys to life by fostering physical and mental development, language development, social awareness, independence, and self-confidence.  

Accommodate the needs of your child in playing and learning, facilitate your child's love of learning, and obtain the deeply ingrained social, emotional, academic, music and art skills they need to thrive as adults.

Combines intentional learning materials, one-on-one interaction, and well-designed curriculum that includes bilingual language (Mandarin/English), mathematics, music, art, and outdoor activities. 

Parent Testimonials

“Shanshan took care of our daughter Ava from the ages of 18 months through three years, at Guidepost Montessori. We had an excellent experience. Shanshan did a brilliant job of supporting Ava's growth and development over those 18 months, and guided Ava through every stage and milestone with patience, grace, clarity, and love. Shanshan was one of Ava's favorite people - she spoke of her all the time at home with so much love, and looked forward to seeing her every day. As parents, it was a joy to work with Shanshan - she was organized, transparent, committed, and kind. We are so grateful that our child spent her toddler years in Shanshan's care. We could not have asked for a better caregiver."

Ava's mom

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